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I have been really frustrated with the current web based editor that comes with WordPress. One of the biggest problems was the time it took to write anything and secondly the lack of a spell checker. I came across w.bloggar on Download Squad and was pleased to find WP support. This is my first post […]

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Treemaps for space constrained visualization

I have been using WinDirStat for quite some time now to visualize my hard disk usage and to clean up when disk space was low. But it was just yesterday that I realized that the cool visualization that is used by WinDirStat actually has a name “Treemaps” and has a lot of interesting history behind […]

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Setting up wireless LAN

I recently moved into my new house and wanted to setup a wireless LAN for my home. So I read through some sites on how to setup a wireless LAN and for the router I decided to buy the Linksys WRT45GS. My ISP in Delhi is Hathway and the provide internet over an ethernet cable, […]

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