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Interesting reading for August-05-2006

A Spec-tacular Failure – A rant by Jeff Atwood on why the ID3 spec totally suxx. Google Code Project Hosting – A replacement for Sourceforge? – A good overview of google code base. An Idiot’s Guide to Neural Networks – Something a programmer can use. What’s new in JavaScript 1.7 – Looks like they took […]

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Dynamic web service proxies need to be loaded from disk

In our application we generate web service proxies at runtime itself using something similar to this. Initially we were generating the assembly in memory by using ICodeCompiler interface and setting CompilerParameters.GenerateInMemory to true. This works fine but throws an exception when you try to invoke a web service, the message of the exception goes something […]

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Interesting reading for 1-August-2006

Getting system level access from a limited account in WinXp – This video shows how you can get “system” level access very easily on a WinXp box. Looks totally possible. The basic crux is that we run a scheduled task that launches command prompt, since scheduler is run by the system account, we get a […]

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