Interesting reading for August-05-2006

A Spec-tacular Failure – A rant by Jeff Atwood on why the ID3 spec totally suxx.

Google Code Project Hosting – A replacement for Sourceforge? – A good overview of google code base.

An Idiot’s Guide to Neural Networks – Something a programmer can use.

What’s new in JavaScript 1.7 – Looks like they took a lot of pages out from a Lisp book 🙂

Code checkins after 5 P.M have higher probability of breaking the build – Interesting.

Three Sins of Authors in Computer Science and Math – I’ve been reading a lot of CS papers lately and I can feel the pain.

Java Programmers are the Erotic Furries of Programming – Programmer hierarchy, hilarious!

Is Kevin Rose of really worth 60 million USD? – Jason from and Scott Rosenberg of comment on this business week article.

Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft – Nothing more to add.

Looks like Vista still has some security issues

Lenovo preloads Suse Linux on Laptops – Could this be the small crack that opens the floodgates to wider alternative OS adoption?

The seven deadly sins of programming – Nice series of articles by Eric Gunnerson.