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Moving back to XP SP2 aka Vista is not yet ready

After having eagerly downloaded Vista from MSDN and installed it on my home machine last month, I am formatting my disk today and going back to XP SP2, the biggest problem for me is the extremely slow internet experience, while everything was working smoothly on XP, Vista for some reason is not allowing me to […]

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Picasa rocks

Recently I downloaded Picasa from Google to manage my huge collection of photographs, I was totally blown away by the great experience of using such a great piece of software. Everything was so intuit, and the UI was really slick and well organized. Being a developer the first thing that came to my mind was […]

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Fonts for programming

I read a programming font review today and saw that Bitstream Vera Sans Mono was the most preferred one by most users. After giving it a try for a while I reverted back to Consolas from Microsoft, I’ve yet to find a better font than Consolas for programming.

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