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Programmer Competency Matrix – 32 attributes to evaluate programmers

Having worked with programmers with an extreme variance in skills, I sometimes get the feeling that there is an big lack of good programmers but when I thought about it a little more I realized that it’s not very clear cut, some of the programmers have strong areas and if you confine the tasks into their strong areas then they tend to deliver well. So I started thinking about all the lines on which we can evaluate a programmer and came up with this Programmer Competency Matrix, that organizes all the attributes that I could think of to evaluate a programmer.

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Weblog is a “log”

A few years ago before the whole weblogs revolution kicked off my daily hangout was “The Lounge” at, it was fun to participate in discussions with peers on a wide variety of topics. When I initially started my blog I thought that I could kick off a discussion by posting a blog and then […]

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The Economics of Success

A decade ago when I was still in high school I remember our economics teacher going over the economic issues plaguing India, at the top of the list was “population”, it seemed like all economic problems of India stemmed from it’s high population count and that lowering the population would in turn result in a […]

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