Weblog is a “log”

A few years ago before the whole weblogs revolution kicked off my daily hangout was “The Lounge” at codeproject.com, it was fun to participate in discussions with peers on a wide variety of topics. When I initially started my blog I thought that I could kick off a discussion by posting a blog and then having people respond to it so that I could track all my discussions via this site. In hindsight this seems like such a bad idea đŸ™‚ but the weblog thing was still in it’s infancy at that time. Currently I just use the weblog to “log” interesting things I find and my thoughts and opinions rather than as a discussion network. But I miss the discussion part, seeing the opinions of different people with different perspectives is something I’ve always enjoyed, so maybe there is a way to combine the best of both worlds? Maybe a blog platform that centralizes your comments/discussions?