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China is not the world’s biggest manufacturer

Wow, Talk about false perceptions. This was one of the things that I had taken for granted for so long that it was very surprising for me to ready today that China is not the world's largest manufacturer. I read this at Helen Wang's site  I quote "The latest data shows, however, that the United […]

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soapUI – Web Service tool

Sometimes a you come across a tool that just makes you think why you never used it before, I ran across one such tool last month, it’s called soapUI ( ). This is an open source tool for testing web services, everything I wanted to do for testing some of the web services that we […]

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OutOfMemory/Heap space errors in Java

Recently I had to work on a Java based rule modeling tool that was built on Java/Eclipse. The tool was pushing both eclipse and the JVM to the limits in terms of memory and I was getting a lot of OutOfMemory exceptions and out of heap space errors, usually these can be fixed by increasing […]

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