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Scott Adams Blog: The Illusion of Winning 08/30/2010

Let’s say that you and I decide to play pool. We agree to play eight-ball, best of five games. Our perception is that what follows is a contest to see who will do something called winning. But I don’t see it that way. I always imagine the outcome of eight-ball to be predetermined, to about […]

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High Scalability – High Scalability – Pomegranate – Storing Billions and Billions of Tiny Little Files

Pomegranate is a novel distributed file system built over distributed tabular storage that acts an awful lot like a NoSQL system. It’s targeted at increasing the performance of tiny object access in order to support applications like online photo and micro-blog services, which require high concurrency, high throughput, and low latency. Their tests seem to indicate it works: […]

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