Author: sijin

Why managers get paid more than programmers??

I’ve been managing a small team for the past 6 months now, when I was just a developer I always used to wonder why is that people who manage people get paid more than people that actually build the product and bring in the moolah. Ideally pay should be directly proportional to difficulty of task. […]

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Configuring TCP/IP for multiple networks

I usually connect to two networks, one at home and one at work, both networks have different static IP addresses etc. thus switching between then was a pain. Some research showed that I can use netsh command line utility to quickly configure network settings for various networks. Basically you can save the current network settings […]

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Back from the dead

After a long gap (almost a year) I’ve managed to bring my site back up. The DB crashed on my ISP’s machine and I lost quite a lot of data, after one more similar situation I never got around to getting the site up. I finally bit the bullet and managed to get the site […]

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