Interesting reading for July-31-2006

Death of the command line - A.P Lawerence puts down his thoughts on the command line. Frankly my head is so full of other CS stuff that I could barely fit in command lines and their arguments. Command line tools tend to be less discoverable and need constant reinforcement to remember than the GUI counterparts simply because you can see what can be done if the GUI is designed properly. But when it comes to automation and chaining tools together nothing beats command line tools.

Private offices Redux - Joel writes about the recent MS Workspace Advantage initiative mentioned by Adam Barr here and here. Personally I agree with Joel, a private office for dev/test makes much more sense given that even simple distractions can cause a huge dent in productivity.

433 examples in 132 programming languages - Nothing more to say.

Disused stations of London underground - Interesting for someone staying in London or planning a trip.

Django 0.95 released - The latest release of the cool Python based web development framework is out. It’ll be interesting to see which framework ends up being the dominant one.

Google does a sourceforge - Google is offerring free hosting for your open source code via a subversion repository and a custom built Ajaxy issue tracking tool.

Knock some commands into your thinkpad - Ingenious use of the built in Active Protection System.

Napoleonic Lessons for Google & Microsoft - A very interesting read indeed!!

Krugle - The search engine for developers. Search specifically for code, docs and open source projects. I think specialization like this is the way search engines are headed. A would be even better.

Sijin Joseph
Sijin Joseph

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