Vista First Experience

So I finally downloaded Vista from MSDN, at 2.5 GB for all editions it’s surprisingly small. So I burned the DVD, backed up everything I needed and did a clean install of Vista as upgrading would have left hardly any space left. Visually Vista is just stunning, not as much as OS X, but it’s getting there.

After reading Larry Ostermann’s post about the new Vista sounds, I was waiting to hear it but was disappointed to see that the my Sound Blaster Live card was not installed. Also my ADMTek (8511 Pegasus II) USB to LAN converter failed to be detected. So before I start exploring Vista, I need to look for drivers for these devices.

After just one night of usage, here’s what I think,

  • The visual effects are awesome!!
  • The User Access Control dialogs are the most irritating piece of shit, I think Vista SP1 will have an option of turning them off altogether.
  • I like the way when a message box is shown everything else fades into the background, makes it real obvious that the users attention is needed.
  • The task dialogs will take a little bit of getting used to but I think they’re a good idea overall
  • I love the bread crumbs navigation that is now present across most of the shell dialogs
  • Included games are cool 🙂
  • The network performance while browsing reminds me of the days when I used to browse using a 56k modem

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Sijin Joseph
Sijin Joseph

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