CMM model is flawed

When I had first read about CMM I had thought that it was the holy grail that all software companies should be working towards, at that time I was still in school and idealism took precedence over reality.

After having worked in this field for some years now, I feel that CMM is so far removed from reality that it’s a joke now. But still services companies in India continue to tout CMM capability as a selling point. Infact India has 75% of the world’s CMM Level 5 companies. But the sad truth is that a lot of these certifications have been issued by bribing, wining and dining the certifying authorities. As far as I know only the top IT firms actually enforce CMM in actual work, for other companies CMM processes are only followed when there is a process audit 🙂

So anyways I read this article by James Bach today, which had been published in Scientific American way back in 94 which is titles “The Immaturity of CMM”, if you feel that CMM is great then I think this is one piece that you should read to get a balanced view.

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Sijin Joseph
Sijin Joseph

Hands-on technology leader with 15+ yrs of experience in launching products, scaling up teams and setting up software infrastructure.