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Sometimes a you come across a tool that just makes you think why you never used it before, I ran across one such tool last month, it's called soapUI ( ).

This is an open source tool for testing web services, everything I wanted to do for testing some of the web services that we were developing including unit testing and load testing was provided out of the box by this awesome tool. Also I think the UI is quite well thought out and mature.

Here's a list of the features at a high level,

soapUI is a free and open source desktop application for

It is mainly aimed at developers and testers providing or consuming WSDL or REST based Web Services (Java, .net, etc). Functional and Load Testing can be done both interactively in soapUI or within an automated build or integration process using the soapUI command line tools.

Mock Web Services can easily be created for any WSDL and hosted from within soapUI or using the command-line MockService runner. IDE-plugins are available for

soapUI requires Java 1.5 and is licensed under the LGPL license.

See their features page for some screenshots of the cool stuff you can do using this.

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